At First Sight – a Movie About Sensory Deprivation??

Well not really, but it gives us a wonderful perspective about the senses and visual overload.   I had never seen this movie or even heard about it. The closest I had gotten to it was when a friend’s daughter had a cochlear implant and she full of joy informed me that her daughter’s implant would be turned on and off until she got used to “hearing”.

Here I am watching this movie, all excited to see how this man is soon going to recover his sight. He has gone thru a lot during his lifetime being blind and suddenly this great opportunity opens up. Yes, he recovers his sight. Wonderful! That is what I thought. But was I wrong.

This man that had always been blind, was overwhelmed by sensory, in his case visual overload. His brain couldn’t process so much information, he couldn’t handle it either. We hardly ever think about this. We go thru life “seeing”.  Seeing so many things.

Sometimes our eyes get tired, if it is too bright our eyes get teary and we close them but we never stop to think about the amount of information that our brain has to process when we simply “See”. Just look around you and “see” all the objects that surround you, tables, pencils, lamps, carpet the list can go on and on, the little things, every little tiny object that we see is seen by the eye but processed by our brain.

This is where Deprivation Therapy comes into play. Deprivation therapy gives your senses a rest. The beauty of it is that while awake, the senses can REST Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique, meaning that in a restricted environment with almost zero stimulation you can have your senses get a deserved temporary rest.

In the same way in which in the movie, Virgil Adamson, is overwhelmed by the visual overload and needs to close his eyes to let his brain rest, not his eyes so much but his brain, we also need to give our senses some rest in order to recharge and continue our journey.   The Theta state achieved during floating therapy allows us to achieve this REST. Our Senses can REST.

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