Disinfection System

The disinfection system is floater’s main concern. Specially for first time floaters, getting inside a float pod raises many questions. “Do you change the water after each client?”  How is your disinfection system?”

The water is not changed after each session. The time and the cost of replacing 800/1000 pounds of Epsom Salt water would make the operation impossible to run. However, the cleaning and disinfecting protocols followed are as good. Something to bear in mind is that the extreme salt content of the water is not favourable for micro-organisms to grow and survive in.

Disinfection system

Crystal Clear Water

Disinfection System Procedures

Once a float session is over, the automatic pump starts the filtering cycle. The water passes through the filter 2.5 times. The filter has a 10 micron filtering bag, capable of filtering debris in the water as small as 1/4 the size of the diameter of a human hair. In addition, the Dreampod’s injection system dispenses Chlorine and, following Fraser Health protocols, pumps small dosages of Chlorine into the water after each float session.

At night, the disinfecting system pumps an array of UV light in order to complete the cleaning and disinfecting cycles. To further ensure our clients a safe and clean environment, SensaFloat Spa has one staff member dedicated to the water, pods, showers, and facility cleaning, maintenance, and disinfection. This staff member has extensive experience in water management, even for human consumption.

In addition to the filtering and disinfecting systems, we follow strict cleaning protocols. After each client finishes a float session, our designated staff member thoroughly cleans the inside and outside walls of the float pods in order to get rid of slime and to prevent any fungus growth; this staff member also cleans and disinfects showers, and mops and dries floors. As a result our spa is not only clean but also free of slippery salty water.

Water Cleanliness

See the bottom of the pod

The transparency and cleanliness of the water is mentioned time and time again in our client’s reviews across social media. The  fact that that you can see the pod’s bottom ensures our clients that the water is completely clean and that there are no “floaters” floating around.


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