Floating? … Do You Know What You Are Stepping Into?

Ready to Float?

The cleanliness in the pod, shower and pod room will ensure that floating turns into a wonderful and relaxing experience. It gives you peace of mind and nothingness. Yes, sensory deprivation is about nothingness. So stepping into the Float Pod should be the least of your worries; however, it can prove to be a challenge if you are not sure what you are stepping into and you can’t see the bottom.

I can confidently say that there are 3 basic questions that most new floaters ask. How is your disinfection system? How do you clean the pods? And finally what can I do if I feel claustrophobic? I am not going to deal with this last question at the moment since I have touched on this subject in other blogs. In this blog I am going to concentrate on the second question: Cleanliness.

       White Bottom Pods

Cleanliness refers not only to the cleanliness of the float pod but also to the cleanliness of the showers, pod room walls, floors and any areas where floaters are going to be walking and showering. The water’s disinfection system is an automatic system that provides all the warranties but the how clean a pod is, depends on the everyday, detailed procedures and protocols followed by the person responsible of cleaning the pod and the pod room including the shower, walls and furniture after each floater leaves.

It is a fact, the salt gets everywhere: The pod’s exterior, the light and attendance controls, the door knobs, the chairs, the handles, the floors, the walls, everywhere. Only a very strict protocol of cleaning procedures can control the salt. Most likely nothing will grow in such a high content of salt, but as soon as you touch a wall you will fell if it is slimy or if it has been thoroughly wiped. An there is a trick to it, once the humid rug has touched the salt water, or any surface that has come in contact with the salt, it will spread the salt everywhere. Something very close to a nightmare.

And the Shower?

              Sparkling Clean Showers

Another of the major issues that we as float owners have to deal with are the showers. Only a sparkling clean shower will give you the confidence that you can have a nice pre and after float shower. A shower free of hairs will do the trick. The shower

However, I believe that the determining factor is the pod. The overall cleanliness of the room is very important but the pod and it’s water are the most important factors that will allow you to experience nothingness.

Cleanliness!!  Do you know what you are stepping into?

White bottom pods allow you to see what you are stepping into. You can see with the naked eye that nothing is floating over the top of the water, that the water is not greasy and that the bottom is completely clean.



Do you know what are you stepping into?

A White Bottom Float Pod!

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