First Date Idea… A Float Date

First date what a stressful pair of words.  A First date is supposed to be fun but sometimes the stress before the date takes away the fun of the date itself. Thinking what to do on the first date, where to go with the person that you really like or that you are about to meet can be very stressful. Dinner, movies, going for a walk are common activities people do during first dates; however, if you are ready to be creative, and to take it to the next level, go on a float date.

First Dates are Unforgettable and so is Floating

One thing is for sure, your date is never going to forget you, their first date with you and their first float in other words they will never forget their first float date. They will always remember that their first date with you was a float, and every time they go floating in the future, they will remember that they went floating with you, even more so if it was their first float. You will leave an unforgettable memory in your date’s memory box.

A Float Date during your First Date is a Perfect Way to Break the Ice

Sometimes, finding something to talk about during a first date is difficult. You try asking several questions and if you don’t spark the other person’s interest within the first few tries, you, and them, are going to feel awkward and the conversation could get cold easily; however, once you say “Let’s go on a Float Date” you open the door for a variety of reactions and lots of talking.

If they don’t know what floating is, you will have a wonderful opportunity to share your experience (if you have floated before) or lots to talk about (if you haven’t floated either). Take this opportunity to explain everything you have read and know about floating. What an ice breaker.

Maybe they had heard about floating and were looking forward to trying it. Wow, you hit the jackpot! You found a common interest and something to talk about. Make sure you read about floating, listen or at least familiarize yourself with Joe Rogan and one of his podcasts.

Another possibility is that they don’t show any interest in the idea. It is valid, and should be acknowledged. This will allow you to know them better. Knowing why they are not interested, maybe they are afraid, or not adventurous enough, and trying new things makes them feel uncomfortable?

If they had already floated, a float date will just be wonderful. Lots to talk about, they will  share their floating experience.

Another reason why a float date will break the ice, is because there are preparations and some planning involved in a float date. Having common interests and planning an activity creates bonding.

Mentioning a float date as an option for a first date, will definitively help you break the ice.

A Float Date is a Relaxing First Date 

As we mentioned above, first dates can be stressful. Floating is relaxing; so at the end of the day, you are going to have a relaxing date. One hour to relax. The post-float experience is another opportunity to bond. The feeling of relaxation will be the perfect prelude for a conversation, for dinner, for a walk or for a wonderful time together.

   There is something sensual about a Float Date

Even though you will float in individual float tanks in your own private suite, the silkiness of the enriched Epsom Salt water, the relaxing music or calming silence, the soothing lights or the mystery of the total darkness are all sensory and sensual experiences. Not to mention that after the float your skin is going to be smooth and soft to the touch.

A float date will give you the opportunity to be in touch with yourself, to think, to not think, to relax, to talk, to enjoy silence, to dream, to quiet your mind, to be in touch with your senses.

Be creative and original make your first date a Float Date



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Practice floating, practicing improves floating

Float Sessions 60 or 90 Minutes

Float sessions can be tailored to your preference; however, most float centres have adopted the 60 min or 90 min float session length. For first time floaters we find that a 60 minutes float session is more than enough, while experienced floaters may like to float for 90 minutes or even for several hours at a time. Floating is a practice and it takes time to master it.

60 minutes Float Sessions for First Time Floaters

Getting used to floating, even though it sounds very easy, does not require any physical effort, apart from getting in and out of the tank, but it requires practice to quiet the mind. When you first float, the first 10 minutes of the float session go by very quickly while you are trying to get used to your surroundings, you will probably try to open and close the pod door a couple of times to reassure yourself that you wont be trapped in, you may turn on and off the pod’s lights to see what works best for you, you may try some stretches and admire how great it feels to actually float without making any effort.

Float Sessions

As time passes, you get used to the pod, the lights, to the fact that you are floating and this is when you start trying to quiet your mind. At first, you can do it easily, you quiet your mind……  you are doing great! And then suddenly your mind starts raising again, and your float goes on like this. It may take a couple of floats and practice to quiet your mind. While all this happens, you have probably moved around and the water may be a bit cooler. 60 minutes is usually more than enough for a First Time Float.

60 or 90 minutes Float Sessions for the Frequent Floater

Float Sessions Once you have floated a couple of times and you are more used to the experience, you will probably not move around so much, you will slide in the water carefully when getting in, without getting any salt in your eyes, and you will start relaxing after having been in the water for just a couple of minutes, you will know how to control your mind and you will be able to quiet your mind more easily.

When you can control your mind and your mind is quiet, you will be able to really determine if you prefer a 60 or a 90 minute float session. People that float often and that have been doing it for a long time, can float several hours at a time. There have been floaters that have floated all night just taking a few bathroom breaks. Floating for 60 or 90 minutes is a matter of preference. Some floaters say that a 90 minutes float session is too long while others say that a 60 minutes float session is too short. Only by trying it will you be able to determine exactly what float session length you prefer.

Are you a 60 min or a 90 min floater?

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My First Float Won’t Be My Last


The First float is a mental exercise.

My First Time Floating

This is the story of my first float in a float tank. Not ‘floating’ as in swimming, but taking the time to float in Epsom Salts/the floating was the actual experience. My first float was so relaxing, interesting, and I even learned more about how to relax! I thought that to float you had to go to outer space or the Dead Sea! What? Let me explain. I am not usually one to try new things. For a long time though I had been curious about having a First float. Like a growing number of people in the industrialized world, I get nervous, anxious, and sometimes not feeling terribly great from the stresses of everyday life. I do what I can from exercise to meditation, but nothing has been really transformative. Furthermore, I am usually sceptical of remedies that promise a magic bullet. I am a busy person and I usually don’t have much patience for trying new things. However, floating in Epsom Salts was a very unique experience, and one I think more folks should be open to learning about.

I am not very spiritual or esoteric, but I do believe that there is something to Eastern philosophical practices of being mindful, and trying to be less attached to material or superficial things. Floating fits really nicely into this worldview. My first float was seeing the glass half-full.

I really enjoyed SensaFloat’s facilities and warm staff. I took advantage of the showers they have in the suites for their Float tanks, and that helped me get comfortable for some alone-time in my first float.

The instructions on “how” to float given by the staff seemed simple enough. Getting into the tank, I will admit, felt a bit odd. In my first float, wondered what I was doing and why I hadn’t just gotten into a hot bath at home. The water was surpisingly warm, and the guided meditation that starts at the beginning helped create an ambiance of relaxation.

What was the first float really like?

I was really happy to find in my first float that I did not at all feel trapped or claustrophobic. The door of the tank was too easy to lift up and down, and the staff provided handy tools like a cloth and a spray bottle with fresh water to avoid salt from getting in my eyes. Floating, like actually being held up by the weight of the Epsom salts instead of my muscles, was extremely relaxing for my body.

However, relaxation doesn’t come easy. I read a lot on my phone. I watch videos and often have to write or be in front of a screen for work. That’s not even mentioning the myriad of apps on my phone that I use to connect with everyone from co-workers, old college roommates, family, and friends. Oh, and I am always getting news updates, because so much is happening in the world now. Being away from screens and electronics was absolutely liberating. However, my head would instinctively and reflexively fill that space up with common worries, concerns, or even just mundane day dreams. That was not so liberating.

My first float was a learning experience.

However, your mind and body do fully relax. Your body, as I mentioned, is able to almost fall asleep as the water replaces your muscles in doing the work of holding you up. Just being becomes easier. What the time, the darkness, and the complete and utter silence did offer was a moment of escape. When my worries came rushing in and my mind started racing, I had enough time to think about each one to exhaustion. I then realized that my mind was racing. This was actually a really great discovery. A key to mindfulness and concentration is having the power to be aware of your minds’ sometimes not-so-rational reactions, and then learning how to observe, sit with, or otherwise come to terms with these attitudes and thoughts. The silence and the time of floating forces you to do this in your mind, and then allows you to drift off (if you want) into a blissful sleep. In water. It was ridiculously comfortable and hard to explain over text.

Floating was a unique experience.  I only got fully relaxed towards the end, and the staff tells me that for folks with chronic conditions, the benefits of floating don’t come overnight/with just one float. However, it was an encouraging process. I want to be able to relax my mind further and treat my mind and body to not having to attend to anything for a good hour so as to recharge my batteries. For anyone looking for a similar escape or just another way to unwind in this stressful world, you need to try floating!

Written by Anonymous. 


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