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First Float spa with float pods in the White Rock / South Surrey peninsula. We opened our doors to provide a natural, non-invasive health and wellness alternative for those in need of relaxation, pain relief, chronic pain management or for those looking to enjoy sensory deprivation. Flotation was unknown to us just a couple of years ago. Once we heard about float therapy and sensory deprivation and tried it, we realized that many people could benefit from its amazing results. We researched trying to learn as much as possible about its results and benefits. We read all literature available to us including the benefits of Epsom Salt and Magnesium, we visited various float spas in the US and Canada and experienced floating firsthand and which pods could provide our clients with the best alternatives. Our idea was to allow our floaters to enjoy the same benefits we experience after floating.

Float Therapy

Getting in and out of the pod


When did Sensory Deprivation start?

Sensory deprivation was first developed by the American physician, neuroscientist, psychoanalyst, psychonaut, philosopher, writer and inventor John C Lilly in 1954. He found that the isolation tanks provide an overall feeling of body, mind and spiritual wellness and tranquility. In theses isolation tanks people floated in total darkness, and silence in an enclosed environment. Over the years, and with the changing needs of the floater population, the isolation tanks have evolved into beautiful pods where the floaters customize their float experience according to their needs and preferences.

Sensory Deprivation

Floating away stress

At SensaFloat Spa REST & Wellness Centre Inc. we provide body, mind and spiritual wellness to our clients. We realized that each of us, in our own way, have a great deal to give to the community.

SensaFloat Spa team is led by  Eddie’s knowledge of water treatment, cleaning and sanitation procedures. We have a dynamic, reliable and customer service oriented team 100% committed to provide the best experience to our customers. Come visit us and experience first hand all the benefits of Float therapy and sensory deprivation. Read our outstanding facebook reviews, stop by our facility we will be delighted to give you a guided tour.

While in the search for the best float pods, we almost “stumbled” with a 100% Canadian display of innovation and creativity, the Nap Pod or Neurospa Stations. What a perfect complement for our spa! Anti-stress, relaxation devices that would give our clients the perfect stress relief in just 30 minutes.

Nap Pod Station

Nap Pod Session