Pregnancy is one of the best stages in life. Full of love and expectation; however, as the pregnancy progresses some discomforts begin to appear and floating can really contribute to making these months the best months of your life.

If you are pregnant, please consult with your physician or health care provider before floating (high risk or regular pregnancies as well as women in their first, second or third trimester). Is not recommended for pregnant woman to take warm baths; however, the water during a float session is heated to skin temperature, between 35 to 36 degrees, so there shouldn’t be any problem. The cervix is closed during pregnancy so there is no problem with the Epsom Salt reaching the baby.

Floating during pregnancy has many benefits.

  1. Mother and child bonding time
  2. Back pain relief
  3. Relief from the extra weight
  4. Problems sleeping
  5. Relaxation

Mother and child bonding time

Floating allows for mother – child bonding. One hour of quiet time, with no external stimuli, a time to relax and be in touch with your baby.

Back Pain Relief

The extra weight women carry during pregnancy results in back pain for many pregnant women. Two factors will contribute to alleviate pregnant women’s back pain. One is the release of endorphins produced by the deep relaxation. Endorphins are “Nature’s Painkillers”. Another contributing factor is the amount of Magnesium contained in Epsom Salt. This Magnesium is absorbed through the skin. Magnesium is well known for alleviating inflammation and pain.

Relief from extra weight

The buoyancy obtained by the solution of water and Epsom salt allows the body to float effortlessly. All pressure points are released and women enjoy the feeling of weightlessness getting rid of the extra weight for a while and being able to rest and relief the back.


Floating is the perfect environment for relaxation and stress relief. The mind goes into the Theta State and a deep feeling of wellbeing is achieved.