Jet Lag

Jet lag is experienced by almost any individual after a long flight over different time zones. The body is used to some sleeping patterns and when the biological clock or this sleep patterns are disrupted, there is an overall feeling of tiredness, uncontrollable desire to sleep, fatigue, irritability and difficulty concentrating just to mention a few of the symptoms.

The nap pods provide in 30 minutes the ability to catch up on sleep through an energizing a relaxing nap. This nap will allow the individual to synchronize the  biological clock more easily and adapt to the new time zone in a less traumatic way.

A symphony of music and vibration combine to give you a neuromuscular massage. The neuromuscular massage travels through the nervous system allowing mind and body to relax and fight insomnia, fatigue and jet lag.

“The comforting vibration fills your body, leaving you in a state of peaceful tranquility” Is how the Neurospa official website describes the sensation experienced. It’s a revitalizing experience.


Today nap pods / neurospa stations are being used in many airports to help passengers and airline personnel overcome the symptoms of jetlag.


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Floating a Growing Trend For 2016


Last night, I attended a business network event where, for a voluntary contribution to a charity, we could promote our businesses. Everyone seemed very excited setting up. All the ladies around me seemed to know each other and there I was trying to promote my new business and feeling uncertain as to what the reaction was going to be.

When I started looking around, I realized that I just had some brochures and some business cards that I had somewhere in my purse, that was it. The other ladies at the other booths had great displays with lots of products and colours, they even had ordering pads. “Wow” I thought “this is going to be a long night and I don’t think it is going to be the best because I don’t have much to display”.

As time went by, I noticed that more and more people gravitated towards my not so well decorated booth. People started gathering around my table and not only talking to me but also talking among themselves. Here I was, with my business speech prepared, and suddenly I realized that rather than asking me lots of questions, of course there were some questions asked, they were telling each other about the experiences they had while floating.

So many people knew about it. Some said that they loved it and wanted to do it again while others, just two to be fair, said that they had already tried it and where thinking if they wanted to repeat the experience or not. Most of them agreed with the fact that the two determining factors for having a good floating experience were being able to see and confirm that they were floating in clean water and that they didn’t feel claustrophobic. “What a relief” I thought “our float pods meet both factors, we pass the test with flying colours”

Some people talked about the benefits of floating, the Epsom Salt and the Magnesium. But I never expected what happened next. When my turn came to present my business, we were all siting down in a circle, I started to give my speech and suddenly this young and very trendy lady interrupted me and started talking about floating. But not about what we usually talk when we talk about floating. This is pretty much what she said.

“Floating is going to be In thing to do in 2016. It is going to be the trendy thing for next year. Last Saturday, I was looking it up on the internet because I was curious about it and found that it is what all the actors and actresses in Hollywood are doing. It is the new thing to do, and what people are talking about. If any one of you needs something interesting to talk about on a date or when out with a group of friends, floating is the thing.  Make sure you know what it is, give it a try and read about it; otherwise you are going to be the quiet one on the corner without knowing what to say. Besides it has lots of benefits and it is natural, you are not putting any chemicals in your body.” After she finished her speech, I didn’t have much to add. Needless to say, more and more people came over to my booth after her speech.

Then I realize that 2016 is going to be one of the best years for the Float industry.



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At First Sight – a Movie About Sensory Deprivation??

Well not really, but it gives us a wonderful perspective about the senses and visual overload.   I had never seen this movie or even heard about it. The closest I had gotten to it was when a friend’s daughter had a cochlear implant and she full of joy informed me that her daughter’s implant would be turned on and off until she got used to “hearing”.

Here I am watching this movie, all excited to see how this man is soon going to recover his sight. He has gone thru a lot during his lifetime being blind and suddenly this great opportunity opens up. Yes, he recovers his sight. Wonderful! That is what I thought. But was I wrong.

This man that had always been blind, was overwhelmed by sensory, in his case visual overload. His brain couldn’t process so much information, he couldn’t handle it either. We hardly ever think about this. We go thru life “seeing”.  Seeing so many things.

Sometimes our eyes get tired, if it is too bright our eyes get teary and we close them but we never stop to think about the amount of information that our brain has to process when we simply “See”. Just look around you and “see” all the objects that surround you, tables, pencils, lamps, carpet the list can go on and on, the little things, every little tiny object that we see is seen by the eye but processed by our brain.

This is where Deprivation Therapy comes into play. Deprivation therapy gives your senses a rest. The beauty of it is that while awake, the senses can REST Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique, meaning that in a restricted environment with almost zero stimulation you can have your senses get a deserved temporary rest.

In the same way in which in the movie, Virgil Adamson, is overwhelmed by the visual overload and needs to close his eyes to let his brain rest, not his eyes so much but his brain, we also need to give our senses some rest in order to recharge and continue our journey.   The Theta state achieved during floating therapy allows us to achieve this REST. Our Senses can REST.

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