Floating is the perfect environment for relaxation and stress relief. The mind goes into the Theta State and a deep feeling of wellbeing is achieved.

In the Theta State the body releases endorphins – The “Feel-Good” hormones. While the body is releasing Endorphins, the harmful chemicals that increase stress, Cortisol “the Stress Hormone”, Adrenaline, ACTH and Lactate, are removed from the blood stream. Floating opens the door for the body to get rid of harmful chemicals allowing Endorphins to take over and reduce stress, the perception of pain, fatigue and muscle tension.

In addition to the chemical changes that take place in the body while floating, sensory deprivation becomes a determining factor in stress reduction – no light, no sound, no gravity, no external stimuli, and an amazing feeling of weightlessness. Sensory deprivation calms and quiets your mind. These feelings remain with you for several days. It is safe to say that Floating allows the body to balance itself and reduce stress.

The feeling of weightlessness produced by the buoyancy eliminates the body’s pressure points relieving muscle tension that in many cases is responsible for chronic back and neck pain, headaches and stress. The water combined with the Epsom Salt give the body complete support allowing tense muscles to slowly relax and slowly alleviate muscle pain.