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How should I prepare for my Float session?

No need for preparation. we recommend to have a light meal 1.5-2 hrs before, don’t shave or wax the same day, and avoid having caffeine before your float

Do I need to bring something?

Just yourself! We provide towels, slippers, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. We also have two Powder Room where you can blow dry and get ready. (We supply the blow dryer, straightening iron). If you use contact lenses you will need to bring a case to keep them while you float

Should I use a bathing suit?

Although floating in the nude is the ideal, please do whatever feels more comfortable for you. The rooms are completely private

I’m a little claustrophobic!

It’s okay, many people are but at SensaFloat Spa you can customize your float. Our float pods are very friendly. You can float with the lid open or closed, with or without music and the lights on/off. Besides, the buoyancy will make you feel like floating in the outer space rather than being in an enclosed environment

Can I float if I’m pregnant?

Definitely yes! When you are floating there are not pressure points in the body and you can experience zero gravity relieving pains caused by the pregnancy. A lot of our mom’s to be, enjoy floating on their tommy and relieving the pressure from their backs. We provide a floatation device that allows for this position.  Note: If you have a high risk pregnancy or if you are in your third trimester, please consult with your Physician and follow his/ her advice

Can I float if I’m menstruating?

Yes, just follow the same protocol as when going to a swimming pool

Does my skin get dehydrated and get wrinkly?

No, you will absorb Magnesium from the Epson Salt preventing the dehydration, and your skin will be silky smooth after your session

If I fall sleep, can I drown?

Is very common to fall sleep during the float session, but nothing to worry about. The buoyancy of the water will hold you up and will prevent you from turning over and drowning

How do you clean your Float Pods and float rooms?

Is not very likely for any microorganism to grow in this high concentration of Epsom Salt.

However, after each float session:

  1. The filtering system is activated automatically and the water volum passes through the 10 micron filtering system 3 times in 15 minutes assuring an optimum physical cleanliness of the water. This system is capable of filtering debris in the water as small as 1/4 the size of the diameter of a human hair
  2. Water is also pumped by a UV light array, taking care of any micro-organisms that survive the extreme salt content of the water
  3. The pump automatically dispenses the amount of disinfectant required by Fraser Health. We are regulated by Fraser Health that randomly sends an inspector to test the water
  4. We also manually clean the outer and inside parts of the pods
  5. Shower is washed, disinfected and dried
  6. Towels are changed
  7. Slippers are changed and disinfected
  8. The floors are cleaned and disinfected

SensaFloat Spa takes pride of its cleaning and disinfection protocols. SensaFloat Spa is well known for its cleanliness. Please visit our Facebook page and read the reviews left by our clients where most of them mention how clean they found the water, the showers and the spa in general

Can children float?

Yes, it is safe for children to float; however, children under the age of fifteen are required to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. We do this to protect them in case they fall or run, jump or touch the equipment at the back (specially young children). After several floats, we may allow them to go in by themselves.

How many times do I have to float in order to feel results?

You will notice a difference after your first float but, regular sessions, 1-2 times a month provide the most benefits


Our schedule allows for 2 people to float at the same time (in separate rooms). This schedule allows us to have plenty of time in between floaters to do a thorough cleaning of the float pods, rooms and showers.

Can I float with my partner in the same float pod? do you have couples floats?

Floating is about relaxing and having a quiet time. People are curious about floating in couples; however, after the first float, most people find that they couldn’t enjoy the float as much because reaching a state of deep relaxation while being in the same float pod with another person is difficult. One person may want to sleep, meditate and/or relax while the other person may move around, splash, talk or, because of the buoyancy, they may pump into each other defeating the purpose of the whole experience.  SensaFloat Spa believes that floating is a personal experience and should be experienced as such

Most people that do a couples float choose to float individually on their next float. For couples, we recommend floating at the same time but in different float rooms

Can Floating really improve my life?

It’s been said that if the effects of floating could be capture in a pill, it will be like Prozac, Valium and Viagra all together. Nowadays we are in search for natural solutions with no side effects, the benefits of floating are natural and long-term. In the Float Pod, your body “learns” what true relaxation feels like. Not to mention, the benefits of floating in Epsom Salt. Epsom Salt is full of Magnesium. (please go to our “Float” page and read about the multiple benefits of Magnesium)

I have an spending account with my employer, can I get reimbursed for my float session?

If you have a Health and Wellness spending account at your company, most likely you can get reimbursed for your float session. Ask us for a receipt and take it to your employer. Our receipts clearly indicate that a float session is a Hydrotherapy session. Many spending accounts cover hydrotherapy sessions

 Are float sessions covered by my insurance?

As an industry, we are working really hard to have floats covered by insurance companies. This is a long process and is not ready yet. However, on a case by case basis some insurance companies have covered floats. It is worth always presenting your receipt. In addition, this also starts showing insurance companies that they need to start covering float therapy. Our receipts clearly indicate that a float session is a Hydrotherapy session

If I have mobility issues Can a Staff member help me get in and out of the pod?

unfortunately we are not insured or trained to assist guests if they need help getting in and out of the pod; however, our guests are welcome to bring and attendant that can assist them and accompany them during the session.


The advantage of booking online is that you can get your booking right away but what really makes the difference is that you will start accumulating points towards a free float or nap pod session. The procedure is simple:

  1. Click on “Book now”
  2. You will arrive at a page where you can choose between a float or a nap pod session. Select “Appointment type” either Float or Nap pod session.
  3. Select a specific suite to see its availability; however, if you don’t have any favourite suite, select “All Suites”
  4. Select a Date (a date range will be displayed in the results, giving you more options). Please remember we are closed Mondays.
  5. Click on “Search”
  6. Available options will be displayed. Please select the one of your choice.
  7. A summary of your appointment information will appear, read it carefully and then click “Next”
  8. If you have floated with us before or booked online, please sign in; otherwise proceed to create an account and fill out your profile. Read the waiver, save and sign out.
  9. To book 2 appointments at the same time: Select the second appointment in the paired pod room, at the desired time and follow the same procedure as above.
  10. If you want to book a Nap session either before or after the float, please take into consideration that the float session is 1 hour long and the nap session is 30 min so please give yourself enough time.
  11. You will get a reminder email with your appointment confirmation.