At Sensafloat Spa the napping pods / Neurospa stations provide a relaxing and energizing 30 minute nap. A symphony of music and vibration combine to give you a neuromuscular massage. The neuromuscular massage travels through the nervous system allowing mind and body to relax and fight insomnia and fatigue.

“The comforting vibration fills your body, leaving you in a state of peaceful tranquility”  Is how the Neurospa official website describes the sensation experienced. It’s a revitalizing experience.

Research has shown that over one third of the population do not sleep the 7 to 9 recommended hours of sleep per day. From this affirmation we could conclude that one third of the population is suffering the consequences of sleep deprivation and has chronic fatigue. Research has also shown that 20 – 30 minutes of napping time during the day can compensate for lack of sleep and insomnia.

Adults should get between 7 to 8 hours of sleep per day. A way to compensate for not being able to sleep the recommended amount of hours is to take a 20 – 30 minute nap during the day.

The nap pods provide privacy, comfort, and relaxation in an efficient and elegant way.  30 minutes of sleep in one of our nap pods are equivalent to 3-4 hours of sleep.

Today nap pods / neurospa stations are being used in hospitals, universities, fitness centres, libraries and offices to help people catch up on their sleep.