Customize Your Float Tank / Float Pod Experience

We Have Pods / Tanks

Customize your float in one of our float pods. Experience zero gravity. Float effortlessly in 1000 pounds of enriched Epsom Salt water heated to skin temperature.

Our float tanks (float pods) allow you to customize your float. Total darkness or soothing lights. Complete silence, relaxing music of your choice or even better! guided meditation to help you shut off your mind and put your thoughts to sleep. Just a short while ago, people suffering from claustrophobia couldn’t enjoy the benefits of floating; not so today, a customized float with the top open or close allows everyone to enjoy a relaxing float. Even the water can be warmed up a bit for those individuals that get cold easily or cooled a bit for those individuals that are always hot.

If you decide to go for full sensory deprivation, our float tanks give you light-free, sound-proof environment. For those that are looking to float for health reasons and not looking for a complete deprivation of the senses, we create the most comfortable and soothing environment to relax and float stress away.

Float Tanks and Float Pods What is the Difference?

Many people ask us what is the difference between a Float tank and a Float pod? Float pods and Float tanks serve the same purpose, they are both filled with enriched Epsom Salt water; However, we chose to have Float pods in our location because we wanted to give our valued customers the best floating experience in the most modern floatation devices our state of the art pods.

First Time Floaters

To achieve the best results out of this experience.

Before Your Session

  • Do not shave or wax on your appointment day; Epson Salt can cause irritation in recently shaved or waxed skin. (Vaseline is provided to cover cuts and avoid discomfort)
  • Please book your session 48 hrs after having hair color treatments and tanning.
  • Floating under the influence of alcohol or drugs is not permitted since deep sleep can result as a consequence
  • Have a light meal 1.5 to 2 hrs prior to your session; this may help you avoid hunger
  • Avoid having caffeine and/or smoking before your float. The stimulating effect is the opposite of what you want to achieve when floating, relaxation¬†

The Day of Your Float

  • Please arrive 20 minutes before your appointment if you are a first time floater. If you have already floated with us 15 / 10 min is plenty of time
  • We recommend using the washroom before the float to avoid interruptions during your session
  • Once in your Float Room, take a short shower to rinse deodorant, gel, makeup and other bodily products
  • We provide earplugs easy to insert when you are still dry. They create a seal that prevents water from getting into your ears
  • Step into the Float Tank (float pod), and relax
  • Once your float ends, shower and get dressed. You can enjoy a tea in our lounge and share your experience with us

Provided there is availability, get a 50% discount on our 30 min Nap session if you take it the same day of your float session. Regular price $45 discounted price $22.50. Just ask in reception at the time of your float if there is an open spot.

Our Float Pods / Float Tanks

At SensaFloat Spa we make sure that you float in state of the art Dreampods. Dreampods incorporate the most up to date features with the newest technology that ensures cleanliness, disinfection and isolation.

The Dreampod’s exterior, float pods, is made of high quality fiberglass with a solid foam core embedded in the structure that ensures maximum sound proofing and heat retention, allowing for a more comfortable float, as well as lower electricity usage/ Lower carbon print.

The top lid is easy to operate. It comes with an easy to grasp handle and hydrolic arms (gas springs) to ensure the lid opens and closes softly allowing the floater to decide if the float is going to be done with the lid totally open, totally open or if the lid is going to stay half way open.

Our float pods / Float tanks have an added anti-slip surface to provide additional safety when stepping in or out. For our client’s peace of mind, the bottom of our Float pods / Float tanks is white “so you can see what you are stepping into”. White bottom pods ensure that you can confirm with your own eyes the cleanliness of the float pod / float tank, where you will be spending the next 60 minutes, and float without any concerns.

The Dreampods float pods / float tanks have a high efficiency titanium heater exchanger with outstanding safety properties to ensure the temperature of the water is exactly heated at skin temperature or warmer if you so request.

Float Pod / Float Tank Water Hygiene

The Dreampod comes equipped with a 10 micron replaceable filter bag capable of filtering debris in the water as small as 1/4 the size of the diameter of a human hair. Water is also pumped by a UV light array, taking care of any micro-organisms that survive the extreme salt content of the water. The Dreampod features a dual chemical injection system to accurately dispense the chlorine required to satisfy Fraser Health standards.

On the inside, our float pods / float tanks have a high power lighting system that provides soothing lights during your float (Chakra colors). The light is controlled by the floater during the float session via a button on the inside of the float pod / float tank.

Two transducers embedded into the front of the pod provide excellent underwater acoustics.

Float Pods, Float Tanks, and Dream Pods

Float Pods / Float Tanks Size and Dimensions

Float pods are very large on the inside allowing even the tallest of clients to have a comfortable float.

Drawings and specifications taken from the manufacturer’s website¬†https://www.dream-pod.com/

Dream Pod V2 Float Tank external dimensions

Dream Pod V2 Float Tank internal dimensions


Floating in our Float Tanks / Float Pods / Dream Pods is an activity that doesn’t involve any risk; however, it is not recommended for individuals with:

  • Skin infections
  • Open wounds
  • Recent surgery
  • Recently tattooed
  • Incontinence
  • Respiratory conditions
  • Severe mental diseases: some can experience unexpected effects; we recommend you discuss floatation with your doctor and follow his/her advice
  • Epileptics, even under control, should have a suitable helper during the float
  • High risk pregnancy. Please consult with your Physician