Jet lag is experienced by almost any individual after a long flight over different time zones. The body is used to some sleeping patterns and when the biological clock or these sleep patterns are disrupted, there is an overall feeling of tiredness, uncontrollable desire to sleep, fatigue, irritability and difficulty concentrating just to mention a few of the symptoms. Jet lag increases company’s costs by the millions. Senior executives that have to travel and work in different time zones are less productive, less able to concentrate and have more difficulty focusing while their biological clock adjusts to the new time zone.


The nap pods provide in 30 minutes the ability to catch up on sleep through an energizing a relaxing nap. This nap will allow the individual to synchronize the  biological clock more easily and adapt to the new time zone in a less traumatic way.

A symphony of music and vibration combine to give you a neuromuscular massage. The neuromuscular massage travels through the nervous system allowing mind and body to relax and fight insomnia, fatigue and jet lag.

“The comforting vibration fills your body, leaving you in a state of peaceful tranquility” Is how the Neurospa official website describes the sensation experienced. It’s a revitalizing experience.


Today nap pods / neurospa stations are being used in many airports to help passengers and airline personnel overcome the symptoms of jetlag.