Corporate Energizing Nap Pod Rentals

Increase your staff’s productivity/Reward Staff for their wonderful job … allowing them to Nap at work.

Give your clients a Nap session to show your appreciation, or maybe just because……….

Bring well-being to the workplace.

It seems contradictory, but studies have shown that more than half of the population does not get enough sleep. Lack of sleep decreases focus and productivity. However, a 30 min nap or rest during the day allows the brain, muscles and the whole body to recuperate from the symptoms of lack of sleep. When individuals recuperate sleep they feel better, are more productive and focused.

On the other hand, it is fun! The Nap pods are comfortable, induce sleep and allow the brain and the body to rest from external stimuli. Some people ask what if I don’t fall asleep? While taking a session in the Energizing Nap Pod, some people fall asleep and others don’t; Nonetheless, regardless of whether you fall asleep or not, the position (legs elevated), the music and the soothing vibrations will give you a neuromuscular massage that will make you feel rested and renewed.

For our corporate clients we offer weekly rentals:
We bring the nap pod to your workplace, install it, and give you, or the person of your choice, some simple operating instructions. The Energizing Nap Pod can be placed in any area of your office or work space since it has its own privacy enclosure; it only requires a regular power outlet to plug it in. Sessions run for 5, 15, 20 or 30 min. and you should allow 5 minutes in between users. In an 8 hour work day you can comfortably provide 12, 30 min. sessions, and 16, 20 min sessions. In 5 days, you can have between 60 to 80 sessions. Some individuals may choose to take a daily session once they experience the benefits.

Max weight 250 pounds

Pregnant woman and people that have a pacemaker: however, just like with any other device, if you have any questions or concerns, please consult with your physician.

– Long Lasting Energizing: 30 min
– Relaxation / Sleep: 30 min
– Sleep: 20 min

604.536.9089 to reserve your week. We will be delighted to give you a quote.

About Nap Pods

The Nap pods use psychoacoustics to give a neuromuscular massage. Equipped with a GSS transducer delivers vibro-acustic music that travels through your central nervous system relaxing you from head to toe. As a result of many years of research on the positive impact of music and continuous motion in the human body, the Nap pod was developed as the first therapeutic relaxation that allows you to reach complete mental and physical relaxation in just 30 minutes. This Neuromuscular massage replaces the  tensions caused by stress, insomnia and fatigue, reduces cortisol levels that in turn reduce anxiety and depression.

A symphony of calming music and soothing vibrations induce sleep just like the feeling of sleepyness produced by repetitive motion (Sopite Syndrome, snoozing in a moving car, baby falling asleep while being rocked). It is believed that the beat produced by the GSS transducer simulates and matches the brain waves our brains follow while sleeping.

The Nap Pod’s ergonomic design provides a zero gravity experience relieving lower back tensions. The ergonomic elevates your feet and slightly bends your knees for a more comfortable position.

The Nap Pods come with a retractable dome that provides privacy in every setting.

Experience a moment of total escapism!

Catch up on sleep and enjoy an energizing 30 minute nap with either one of the modes:

  • Energizing Mode. Long-lasting effect that ensures a stress-free day while increasing your energy levels
  • Relaxation Mode. Improves sleep, reduces muscle tension, alleviates tension headaches, and improves the symptoms of jet lag providing a state to deep relaxation.

Lost productivity due to lack of sleep and insomnia costs companies around $2,500 per employee per year. Research has shown that 30 min of napping time during the day can compensate for lack or not enough sleep. Companies everyday are more aware of these facts and looking to improve the well-being of their employees and increase productivity. Many of these companies are making the Nap Pods available to their employees at the workplace. Universities are finding it beneficial for their students as well as airports are finding it beneficial for passengers.

Places such as the University of Miami, the University of Michigan, Google’s main campus
The Huffington Post, Price WaterHouse, Cisco, high end condominiums and retirement homes just to name a few.

The Nap pods are becoming the mobile spas of the future. People are more and more wanting to enjoy the deep relaxation at work and at home.

Snuggle inside a Nap pod for 20 or 30 minutes, take an energizing nap and wake up feeling relaxed and energized. The feeling of well being will stay with you all day.