Many headaches and migrane headaches are stress related. A state of deep mind and body relaxation accompanied by a 30 minute nap relief headaches and migrane headaches. Many clients that use the neurospa stations / nap pods while having a headache come out of their session with no headache or migrane headache.

A zero-G calming vibration massage, a symphony of music and a display of colours travel through your nervous system to produce in just 30 minutes a state of deep relaxation and relief stress. A feeling that lasts for hours after the session is over. The music and vibrations replace the tensions caused by stress and chronic fatigue. The neuromuscular massage reaches painful and tense areas relieving stress, headaches and migrane headaches.

Regular sessions allow you to achieve a feeling of well-being, and manage stress.  Headaches and migrane headaches caused by stress will tend to recede with continuous use of the Nap pod.