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 Top Float Spa in White Rock
SensaFloat Spa Rest & Wellness Centre ranked as a top Float Spa in White Rock BC Verified by Yocale.com

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TINA, Oct 2018

My boyfriend and I had our first float experience and we loved it. The staff/owners were so professional and super sweet. The facility is very clean and well equipped with all your needs before and after your float (including hair dryers for the ladies). Highly recommend this place and will be coming back for sure!

Ilene T, Sept 2018

I have been coming here for over 2 years. Such a great experience that I keep on coming back.

Baus C, Oct 2018

Excellent service, clean areas. A+

Deanna W, Nov 2017

I have been floating for years but when I came to SensaFloat, it was my first experience in a float pod. I loved it so much and cannot imagine going back to the float tanks! The friendly staff and attention to detail are two other huge bonuses. I highly recommend!

Lisa P, March 6, 2017

I love the staff and facilities at SensaFloat. It is definitely my go to place to relax.

Candance Ch, Feb 11, 2017

Today I treated my husband and myself to a beautiful experience of floats and a relaxing nap pod at Sensafloatspa.com
Carolina and her facility and staff are amazing ! The relaxing float for Jim and sound and vibration pod for me was heavenly! This might help Jim given that the float has 1000 lbs of Epson salts in 11 inches of water and creates the float. The private rooms with showers and gorgeous lighting and sound in the pods themselves add to the elegant and clean ambience creating an incredible therapeutic and healing experience. Those that are floaters already know the benefits and experience but now Jim and I are hooked! ❤️❤️


Rose B, Nov 11, 2016

Very professional and clean!!! I loved my experience.


David P, Feb 14, 2017

The best place!


Alexandra H, Nov 28, 2016

Friendly, clean and relaxing environment. I am 23 weeks pregnant and go for monthly floats to ease my aches and pains. You can customize your float ie… music, meditation, soft color light and a floating pillow for extra comfort if you wish to use it.


Kelly-Anne P, January 17, 2017

Unfortunately for me the spa float set off my vertigo, so I only was able to stay in for less than 5 mins. Eddie the owner was very nice, he offered me a 30 minute massage in this machine that is like getting 4 hours of good sleep instead. I used the massage this past Wednesday, it was very relaxing. Thank you Sensation Float Spa for the awesome customer service. Very clean and professional.


Amber H, Nov 26, 2016

Very friendly service and clean rooms/pods. Staff were welcoming and I had a great experience. If you haven’t tried floating I highly recommend it, great for deep relaxation.


Daniela C, Oct 6, 2016

Amazing experience. My first time experiencing the floating and it was amazing. Carolina was very informative of what to expect and the different options my boyfriend and I could choose from. Eddie showed us to our separate rooms and explained to us what to expect as well and also how to use the lights in the pod. I will definitely be going again. This place was clean and professional and the staff was very friendly too. 5 stars for their customer service.


Tammy K, August 27, 2016

Staff were very informative and polite. Rooms were clean, pods were relaxing. Will definitely be going back.


Yvonne- Marie, Aug 16, 2016

I have just had my first float session. Loved it. I now feel so relaxed. Excellent for relieving stress/tension. Very friendly, professional staff. Facility is very clean and has all amenities you need. I highly recommend this place, 5 stars! *****


Cheri, Aug 14, 2016

For my first time at Sensafloat I was very impressed! I already have been telling my family & friends about my experience. Not only about the float but about how well I was treated. When I called for directions they were polite & professional. When I arrived I was feeling quite anxious. Edie helped calm my nerves by making sure I was relaxed. He was very thorough in explaining everything. My float was just what I needed. I was sad when it ended…lol. I will definitely be back


Daniela D, Aug 12, 2016

I just did the nap pod and am so excited to do the float. The place provides such great service and everything looks very clean.

The nap pod is super relaxing as well.


Farah S, July 6, 2016

SensaFloat Spa was just perfect! Having been to similar wellness centres, the experience was unparalleled at SensaFloat. The staff was friendly, informative and professional. The facility was new, clean and inviting. I would highly recommend any and all to check out SensaFloat – you will have the best sleep and be stress free after your visits! Can’t wait to come again!


Lori M, May 27, 2016

First time floating! Amazing! Eddie was very kind explaining everything! Thank you for the experience, I’ll be back….a lot! 😀


Donna g, May 25, 2017

Wow this was an awesome experience:). Never did anything like it before !!! I’m so glad we bought the monthly package, will be going regularly….we were so professional looked after by Carolina an Eddie !!!!


Balraj G, May 5, 2016

I’m a frequent floater, what an atmosphere Carolina and her husband have created. So relaxing. My experience was not only within the float tank because you can go anywhere for that, it was the beautiful energy the two owners portray. #LOVE!! You are now my GO TO SPA!!!


Christine K, March 20, 2016

I LOVE SensaFloat Spa! I’ve tried another float spa but prefer SensaFloat. The people are wonderful & welcoming. The float pods are awesome! I prefer pods over tanks which are found in a lot of the other float spas. Pods give you a bit more room & a light inside that you can turn on or off at any time. It’s also nice to drift off to the meditating spa music which fades out to silence within a few minutes & fades on at the end to gently awaken you. I find it so relaxing! I highly recommend floating to anyone who needs to tune out from the busy world for a bit & this is the place to do it!


Ivy R, March 16, 2016

Tried the float therapy for the first time and loved it. Eddie was a gracious host and treated us like royalty. Already booked my next one.


Jody A, Nov 11, 2015

Just had my first float, it was incredible. So relaxing
Great Staff, very friendly and helpful. Clean, modern and a relaxing atmosphere.
You have got to try this!
My body and joints feel so great and the pain in my back and neck disappeared
I highly recommend you do this