Practice floating, practicing improves floating

Float Sessions 60 or 90 Minutes

Float sessions can be tailored to your preference; however, most float centres have adopted the 60 min or 90 min float session length. For first time floaters we find that a 60 minutes float session is more than enough, while experienced floaters may like to float for 90 minutes or even for several hours at a time. Floating is a practice and it takes time to master it.

60 minutes Float Sessions for First Time Floaters

Getting used to floating, even though it sounds very easy, does not require any physical effort, apart from getting in and out of the tank, but it requires practice to quiet the mind. When you first float, the first 10 minutes of the float session go by very quickly while you are trying to get used to your surroundings, you will probably try to open and close the pod door a couple of times to reassure yourself that you wont be trapped in, you may turn on and off the pod’s lights to see what works best for you, you may try some stretches and admire how great it feels to actually float without making any effort.

Float Sessions

As time passes, you get used to the pod, the lights, to the fact that you are floating and this is when you start trying to quiet your mind. At first, you can do it easily, you quiet your mind……  you are doing great! And then suddenly your mind starts raising again, and your float goes on like this. It may take a couple of floats and practice to quiet your mind. While all this happens, you have probably moved around and the water may be a bit cooler. 60 minutes is usually more than enough for a First Time Float.

60 or 90 minutes Float Sessions for the Frequent Floater

Float Sessions Once you have floated a couple of times and you are more used to the experience, you will probably not move around so much, you will slide in the water carefully when getting in, without getting any salt in your eyes, and you will start relaxing after having been in the water for just a couple of minutes, you will know how to control your mind and you will be able to quiet your mind more easily.

When you can control your mind and your mind is quiet, you will be able to really determine if you prefer a 60 or a 90 minute float session. People that float often and that have been doing it for a long time, can float several hours at a time. There have been floaters that have floated all night just taking a few bathroom breaks. Floating for 60 or 90 minutes is a matter of preference. Some floaters say that a 90 minutes float session is too long while others say that a 60 minutes float session is too short. Only by trying it will you be able to determine exactly what float session length you prefer.

Are you a 60 min or a 90 min floater?

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Float Therapy


Locked inside a Sensory Deprivation Tank, Claustrophobic? Float without fear ……… of getting trapped inside. Some people are afraid of getting trapped inside a float pod or tank. Sensory deprivation, sometimes, is mistakenly confused with the image of a dark and scary place; as a result, there is a generalized misconception that the only way to achieve sensory deprivation is locking yourself in a box or tank. However, that can’t be further from the truth. As any other industry, floating has evolved, and without losing its essence, today float pods are user friendly and provide a very pleasant experience.

When we opened in White Rock, we were determined to provide sensory deprivation to the local area floater in state of the Art Float Pods where hydraulic arms, inside handles, pod inside lights, balance assist bars and non-slip bottoms ensure a relaxing experience.

Hydraulic Arms

Equipped with hydraulic arms, the top lid of the float pods at SensaFloat Spa easily open  using just 2 fingers. No need to struggle with a heavy door, no awkward movements. Just softly push up the lid and the top will smoothly start opening until it is totally open.

If You Choose to Float with the Top Close

If you chose to float with the top close, float without fear of getting trapped inside. There are no locks or latches risking that could malfunction and leave you locked inside. The pod has 2 parts, a top and a bottom. The top simply rests on top of the bottom. Both parts are connected at the back just like a sea shell. You will never be trapped inside, the door will never slam or shut close on you. The hydraulic arms support the weight ensuring a smooth and effortless closure.

locked inside a sensory deprivation tank

Float with the top completely closed

Locked inside a sensory deprivation tank

Easy to open / close top with hydraulic arms and handle

Inside Handle

Our pods have an inside handle in the top to give you extra grip and control over the top so you can open and/or close the lid by just pushing or pulling this handle. You can leave your top half way open too if you so desire.

It doesn’t make much sense to struggle opening or closing a heavy door after or during a relaxing float; It defeats the purpose.

Many people don’t even want to try floating for the first time because they are afraid of getting locked inside a sensory deprivation tank. At SensaFloat Spa we have easy to operate pods that allow you to safely and easily open and close the top. The hydraulic arms and the inside handle in our pods provide our clients added comfort and safety; as a result, You will never be locked inside a sensory deprivation tank at SensaFloat Spa.


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