Practice floating, practicing improves floating

Float Sessions 60 or 90 Minutes

Float sessions can be tailored to your preference; however, most float centres have adopted the 60 min or 90 min float session length. For first time floaters we find that a 60 minutes float session is more than enough, while experienced floaters may like to float for 90 minutes or even for several hours at a time. Floating is a practice and it takes time to master it.

60 minutes Float Sessions for First Time Floaters

Getting used to floating, even though it sounds very easy, does not require any physical effort, apart from getting in and out of the tank, but it requires practice to quiet the mind. When you first float, the first 10 minutes of the float session go by very quickly while you are trying to get used to your surroundings, you will probably try to open and close the pod door a couple of times to reassure yourself that you wont be trapped in, you may turn on and off the pod’s lights to see what works best for you, you may try some stretches and admire how great it feels to actually float without making any effort.

Float Sessions

As time passes, you get used to the pod, the lights, to the fact that you are floating and this is when you start trying to quiet your mind. At first, you can do it easily, you quiet your mind……  you are doing great! And then suddenly your mind starts raising again, and your float goes on like this. It may take a couple of floats and practice to quiet your mind. While all this happens, you have probably moved around and the water may be a bit cooler. 60 minutes is usually more than enough for a First Time Float.

60 or 90 minutes Float Sessions for the Frequent Floater

Float Sessions Once you have floated a couple of times and you are more used to the experience, you will probably not move around so much, you will slide in the water carefully when getting in, without getting any salt in your eyes, and you will start relaxing after having been in the water for just a couple of minutes, you will know how to control your mind and you will be able to quiet your mind more easily.

When you can control your mind and your mind is quiet, you will be able to really determine if you prefer a 60 or a 90 minute float session. People that float often and that have been doing it for a long time, can float several hours at a time. There have been floaters that have floated all night just taking a few bathroom breaks. Floating for 60 or 90 minutes is a matter of preference. Some floaters say that a 90 minutes float session is too long while others say that a 60 minutes float session is too short. Only by trying it will you be able to determine exactly what float session length you prefer.

Are you a 60 min or a 90 min floater?

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Insomnia? Cheating on your sleep? Cheat Time with a Nap Pod!

Getting Good Sleep Isn’t Easy

Insomnia, and other sleep disorders, are becoming increasingly difficult challenges that more and more people have to contend with. Sleep is an essential part of our daily lives. Since humanity began living in caves, to our highly technological and urbanized world, getting a significant amount of time at night for rest has been a cornerstone of human existence.

We need sleep to recharge our bodies and our minds. Like most animals, we are programmed to sleep at night. However, what we have to realize is that proper sleep, good sleep, requires comfort and time that is difficult to provide.

What do I mean? First of all, you need a comfy bed! This usually isn’t a problem but some folks don’t have the most comfortable places to sleep in.

Secondly, good sleep requires time. Unfortunately, life is constantly demanding more and more of our time. Kids, work, our relationships, chores, errands, our projects, our hobbies, having time to relax, time to party, time to exercise, time to meditate or float, our devices all dig in to the those finite 24 hours in the day. For example, Statistics Canada found that a third of Canadians are not getting enough sleep.

Whatever the case may be, time is a precious resource that we have constant demands on. We all know that we should try to get good sleep, but sometimes we want to work a little bit more, have a bit more time with our significant other or our families, and of course, we are often tempted to stay up by our devices and our screens.

Sleep more without having to make more time – Check out our Nap Pods! 

Furthermore, no matter how hard we try, and no matter how much we would wish it otherwise, there are only 24 hours in a day. With so much going on in our lives, how can we ‘make time’ for sleep, when we literally can’t ‘make’ any more time?

Any of you that have stayed up late into the night working on a difficult deadline know that if you go into a negative balance with your sleep, it will only be a matter of a few hours or days until your body punishes you for this. Staying up now and then isn’t terrible, but over time, the missed hours begin to add up.

Ok so we need more sleep, we can’t make more time for sleep, and most likely if we aren’t getting enough sleep, we are getting into habits that are unsustainable or are going to have unforeseen consequences. What can we do?

Well, as was mentioned in the beginning of this article, acquiring good sleep nowadays is a challenge.

Luckily, with our Nap Pods, you can have a 30 minute ‘nap’ session which will make your body and mind feel as though you just slept 3-4 hours!

Insomnia patients have turned to Nap Pods for help with their condition.

Insomnia can be helped with a power nap.

If you are unfamiliar with nap pods, below is a picture of one at our facility.

These are chairs that you comfortably lie in while music and sound massage your mind and body, relaxing you from head to toe. This neuromuscular massage has musical patterns that relax your central nervous system paired with symphony of calming music and soothing vibrations inducing sleepyness. The chair also has an ergonomic design for lower back tension, and provides a back massage. The Nap Pod sessions are great at relieving the stresses caused by insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, and depression. For more information on our Nap Pods, check out this link. 

The Nap Pods use psychoacoustics to give a neuromuscular massage. Equipped with a GSS transducer delivers vibro-acustic music that travels through your central nervous system relaxing you from head to toe. As a result of many years of research on the positive impact of music and continuous motion in the human body, the Nap Pod was developed as the first therapeutic relaxation that allows you to reach complete mental and physical relaxation in just 30 minutes. This Neuromuscular massage replaces the  tensions caused by stress, insomnia and fatigue, reduces cortisol levels that in turn reduce anxiety and depression.

Workplaces like Google, airports around the world, and many colleges and Universities in the US and Canada are integrating Nap Pods into how they do business.  After all, workforce or student body that is well-rested is a more productive one.

If you feel like you could use more sleep, but can’t make the time, let us help you make life a little bit easier; check out our Nap Pods and get some relaxation without having to sacrifice other commitments in your life!



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