Enjoy Float Therapy, Sensory Deprivation and Manage Chronic Pain

White Rock / South Surrey

Only Float pods in the White Rock & South Surrey Peninsula

Float Therapy and Sensory Deprivation in White Rock and South Surrey

Float Therapy in White Rock / South Surrey

Float therapy and sensory deprivation, now available at SensaFloat spa in White Rock and South Surrey BC . Customize your float and relax floating in enriched Epsom Salt water. Free your mind and your senses. if you long to reach a state of deep relaxation, it is time to try Zero Gravity, Sensory Deprivation and Float Therapy.

Now, you can try it in the White Rock / South Surrey Peninsula at SensaFloat Spa REST & Wellness Centre. We have the most modern, state of the art and with the most advanced technology float tanks (float pods) in the White Rock area. Enjoy a 60 minute relaxing Float therapy session.

Float Therapy / Sensory Deprivation

Float therapy / sensory deprivation was developed by Dr. Lilly in 1954. 11 inches of enriched Epsom Salt water allow you to float effortlessly and experience zero gravity. While inside the pod, you are in control of the pod’s environment but free of all exterior stimulation. The Epsom salts hold you above the water surface (buoyancy). The water is heated at skin temperature.

There’s no other experience quite like Float therapy at SensaFloat Spa in White Rock, as your mind and body reach a calm, tranquil state. Many people lower stress, manage chronic pain, and improve mental focus through Float therapy.

Nap Pod

We also offer an energizing nap and neuromuscular therapeutic session in our Nap Pods. The Nap Pod or Neurospa station is equipped with a GSS transducer that produces vibroacustic music – a symphony of calming music and soothing vibrations that travel through your central nervous system giving you an overall feeling of deep relaxation.

Come join the many people who have achieved deep muscle relaxation and energizing naps with our Nap Pods.

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Experienced the amazing benefits offered by a Nap pod or a Float therapy session!

To offer the best possible experience to our clients, SensaFloat Spa offers its float therapy services in large and modern Float pods. In our float pods (float tanks) you can customize your float eliminating the feeling of claustrophobia. Choose to float with the top open or close, with or without music, and with or without lights. We also installed the latest technology in climate control to ensure that the pods as well as the pod rooms have the most comfortable temperature.

Come enjoy a relaxing experience like no other at our beautiful facility. Call today at 604-536-9089 for Float therapy and sensory deprivation in White Rock.

Provided there is availability, get a 50% discount on our 30 min Nap session if you take it the same day of your float session. Regular price $45 discounted price $22.50. Just ask in reception at the time of your float if there is an open spot.

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Our Float tanks will help you relax in ways you never thought possible

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From sensory deprivation and deep relaxation to chronic pain management and stress and anxiety relief, our float tanks will give you an experience like you’ve never had before.

Get relaxed. Get focused. Get healthy.

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Stimulate your mind and body.

Nap Pods

Whether you need to be energized and alert for an upcoming work session or need help getting caught up on sleep, our Nap Pods use a combination of  calming music and soothing vibrations that stimulate the central nervous system giving you a neuromuscular massage to help you achieve maximum performance and increase productivity.

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